Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Palace Bedroom

Hi, my name's Marie, I'm an environment artist and I...........can't paint environments for shit. Phew, admitting that feels good. Not that it's impossible to BE a good 3d artist and not know how to paint, but I've always felt this gaping hole in my ability for not being able to concept scenes for myself- which is a big part of what this blog is supposed to fix. Well, it's time to finally bite that bullet, so here's a scene 100% from imagination:

Hmm, the composition here is pretty bad. The candle to the left was only meant to break up the symmetry  but it's too bright, takes focus away from the bed. There could also stand to be more contrast between small and large shapes, and better range of values all around. Time to work on rendering forms, I suppose.

Took I forget how long to do. (45-60 minutes)

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