Thursday, February 28, 2013

MSU Comic Anthology

So here's something fun. Back in the olden days of yore (circa 2010), I took a comics course at Michigan State. That class taught me a lot of things, mostly that I do not have the patience for drawing comics. Well, one of those old student comics is being republished in an anthology put together by MSU Libraries. The comic is called "Treasure Island" (creative, I know) and it's very much inspired by the Monkey Island games and especially Bill Tiller's beautiful background art. Here's the first two pages:

Wow, that looks like a setup for some pirate-y hijinks, I can't wait to see what happens next! You can purchase a copy of the anthology at the MSU Comics Forum this weekend (or online eventually, so I'm told) for ~10 dollars, and mend that gaping hole in your life that can only be filled by amateur comics.

(Oh and here's tonight's painting. Mr. Pirate is suffering from some nasty flipper hand there. Ah well, 'tis his lot in life.)

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