Monday, May 13, 2013

Observation to Imagination worksheet #5 (form)

"Invent a grouping of household objects and visualize them using the draw-through technique. (Do 2.)"

Bah, I should've drawn in some floor grids.

Observation to Imagination worksheet #4 (form) (extra credit)

I'm sure at least five of these are household objects....

Observation to Imagination worksheet #4 (form)

"Invent a household object and visualize it using the draw-through technique. (Do 5.)"

I was feeling inspired by the vigors in Bioshock infinite, though mine aren't as cool.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Doodles 5-10-13

Speedpaint 5-9-13

Step 1: Do ~30 min sketch from 'magination.
Step 2: Admit you suck and find reference of the thing you're actually trying to draw.
Step 3: Paint an additional ~90 minutes, using reference to add details.

Yeah, yeah. This feels better than getting stuck and giving up half an hour in. Gonna do this again.

Speedpaint 5-8-13

Ancient architecture doesn't get more boring than this. Ugh.
Drawn from imagination.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sketches 5-7-13

Various methods of analyzing the figure. Many of these are mentioned in Hampton's book, I'm just trying to remember as many as I can.

Observation to Imagination worksheet #3 (form)

"Set up a still life of multiple objects in a cluster, or use a photo of overlapping objects. ‘Draw-through’ these objects as if they are transparent. Do 3 groupings of at least 5 objects."

Extra credit included this time, too.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mood boards, pt. 2

And here they are:

Theme: Industrial

Theme: Creepy/cute

Theme: Languid

Theme: Urban Disillusion

Theme: Colossal

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Observation to Imagination worksheet #1 (materials)

I'm getting worn out on form, so today we're skipping ahead and doing the first worksheet for section 5: materials.

Assignment: Gather a collection of photos that represent a single idea and combine them into a single document. This collage is called a ‘mood board’. (Make 10.)

Making mood boards, like doing thumbnails, color scripts, or character silhouettes, is one of those things I was never taught to do. Such exercises were passed over by my studio art classes as being too games-specific and by my game design classes as too art-specific. Now they occupy a weird space in my head. I understand their function, but somehow I still feel like I need permission to do them myself.

In hindsight, though, that's really what my tumblrs are all about. On one hand, tumblr is a better format for not being restricted to still images and linking everything back to its original source. On the other, it's nice to have an easily-distributable image that can be absorbed at a glance. I'll stick with tumblr for my game projects, but as an exercise in thinking about atmosphere, these were a refreshing break from the drawing grind.

Theme: Opulence

Theme: Hoarde

Theme: Depressing

Theme: Obsessive-Compulsive

Theme: Eclectic/Tribal

I'll post the other half soon.

Form Construction

Like so many nights, this one started off with a crap drawing of an imaginary musclebro.

But then this happened...*

Are all those years modeling...finally paying off?

Hmm, this looks promising. It's like drawing contours, but without the need for those pesky curved lines. I suddenly have the urge to go back over ALL my shit drawings...and a few photos, too.

*The idea came from these two posts on Polycount. Go read them!