Saturday, May 4, 2013

Observation to Imagination worksheet #1 (materials)

I'm getting worn out on form, so today we're skipping ahead and doing the first worksheet for section 5: materials.

Assignment: Gather a collection of photos that represent a single idea and combine them into a single document. This collage is called a ‘mood board’. (Make 10.)

Making mood boards, like doing thumbnails, color scripts, or character silhouettes, is one of those things I was never taught to do. Such exercises were passed over by my studio art classes as being too games-specific and by my game design classes as too art-specific. Now they occupy a weird space in my head. I understand their function, but somehow I still feel like I need permission to do them myself.

In hindsight, though, that's really what my tumblrs are all about. On one hand, tumblr is a better format for not being restricted to still images and linking everything back to its original source. On the other, it's nice to have an easily-distributable image that can be absorbed at a glance. I'll stick with tumblr for my game projects, but as an exercise in thinking about atmosphere, these were a refreshing break from the drawing grind.

Theme: Opulence

Theme: Hoarde

Theme: Depressing

Theme: Obsessive-Compulsive

Theme: Eclectic/Tribal

I'll post the other half soon.

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