Thursday, January 31, 2013

Textures and Reveal again

Month 1 is complete! Here's some 30 minute studies, trying to paint textures using a full opacity brush. It's incredibly difficult, but I need to get this down if I want to handpaint textures quicker and more confidently.

In other news, Reveal is a game of the week over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and a highly recommended game on! I've always been concerned that other people will see the game and only focus on one aspect (typically, the magazines) but going by the comments it seems they seem to getting exactly what I had hoped out of it. I especially like Porpentine's description:

"Reveal feels like a spin on The Yellow Wallpaper with body image themes, a concept realized with absolute purity of design. One room, no exits. Just you and the wallpaper and the magazines.
I’ve always loved things like Cube, Haze, Silent Hill, anything where the architecture is suspended within the darkness of your uncertain thoughts. The constant question, what’s outside? But in contrast to everything I’ve mentioned, Reveal manages to surprise yet make perfect sense. Take the time (like a minute) to experience this beautiful claustrophobia."

You can download the game for PC here. Mac users and impatient people can watch the playthrough here (warning: spoilers!)

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