Sunday, September 1, 2013

Warwielder Art

I recently finished my freelance job, making buildings for the unreleased game, Warwielder. These are based on concept illustrations by the very talented by Giacomo Tappainer. There's a polycount thread where I posted wireframe shots, but here are the finished products:

As for the drawing a day thing...I may come back to it, eventually, but I think I burned myself out doing it. Part of it was that I would draw much more than I actually posted, to the point that I wasn't really doing anything else with my free time besides drawing. Taking a break from it made me realize how much I missed all the other stuff I like doing- reading, playing games, designing games, learning new software... Now that I'm not drawing and painting as much I've had some time to get back into all the other stuff, and I rather like it. There'll be more stuff to post here eventually, but I'm not going to make promises about what or when.

1 comment:

  1. really like your artworks, it's really amazing
    looking forward for your next project