Friday, March 15, 2013

What People Wore When and MSU anthology (again)

My copy of the comic anthology arrived! It's pretty spiffy!

Lots 'o good stuff in here, especially for fans of slice-of-life and cute silent comics. Copies are available on Amazon for $12 a pop here.

Aaand here's today's drawings. In the spirit of learning more about clothing, I checked out a copy of What People Wore When from the library a few weeks ago. It's a fantastic book! It has a huge number of (mostly) accurate outfits from across the world and throughout history. It also does a good job of explaining the motivation behind the design of particular items. This last bit is key - I'm finding it much easier to remember forms when they're connected to function. Obvious, maybe, but in the past I've struggled  remembering anything from my studies for more than days at a time, and I'm starting to think this lack of supporting knowledge is a big reason why. Facts don't exist in a vacuum- gotta build those neural networks!

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